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BEELIEVE is a transformation agency, specialising in B-BBEE interventions and transformation initiatives. Our services range from BEE advisory & strategy to executive coaching.

In this highly competitive economic landscape, failure to comply with B-BBEE policy will result in reduced access to markets and limited growth opportunities. BEELIEVE’S expertise in BEE strategy and implementation will provide your business with significant score improvement, and substantially boost your competitive advantage!

Transformation in South Africa is vital to achieve economic growth, both on a national level, and for any business operating in this country. Our solutions not only assist your business with BEE compliance, they firmly align your strategy with sustainable broad-based empowerment.



  • B-BBEE Advisory : Assessment, strategy, scenario planning, rating facilitation
  • Equity Structuring : Strategic equity structuring to suit your business
  • BEE Implementation : Implementation solutions across all 5 measurement pillars
  • Talks & presentations : Unlocking growth through BEE ; Transformation in the workplace
  • Training & development : Training on new B-BBEE codes; Accredited learnerships ; Executive coaching